Oil Changes



Your Toyota deserves Genuine Toyota Motor Oil. That's because Genuine Toyota Motor Oil's exclusive formulation provides your engine with superior performance through a unique additive package that protects your Toyota engine's metal surfaces and moving parts.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Modern, more refined engine equipment requires exclusive oil formulated for enhanced engine performance, improved fuel efficiency and minimal engine debris. Many new Toyota models are certified for a unique, zero weight synthetic lubrication standard, or 0W-20.

Our low-viscosity 0W-20 lubricant is designed to produce even lubrication and lessen friction throughout the engine. Lighter in weight than conventional engine oil, 0W-20 performs better when cold and uniformly bathes all of the engine's moving components. This greatly reduces wear and tear, provides superior thermal stability and contributes to greater engine performance overall.

Can I Use Any Brand of 0W-20 Synthetic Oil?

Genuine Toyota 0W-20 synthetic motor oil has been formulated with a unique additive package to provide your Toyota with supreme performance and fuel efficiency. Your Toyota's engine was designed to use this specific formulation. While other 0W-20 synthetic oils may be used, they are not optimized for Toyota engines.

Genuine Toyota 0W-20 synthetic motor oil is compatible with the high standards of all new Toyota models and it's certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Older Toyota models may have different specifications. Check with our experts to see if your Toyota qualifies for Genuine Toyota 0W-20 synthetic motor oil.

More Miles Per Gallon

By reducing friction, 0W-20 lubricant increases the engine's ability to pump oil more efficiently and results in a welcome boost in fuel economy.

More Stability Under a Wide Range of Temperature Conditions

Lower viscosity oil performs better than conventional oil in cold weather. The engine can pump oil more quickly which means faster engine turn over even when its cold out.  

The enhanced performance abilities of 0W-20 oil keeps dirt and debris out longer resulting in a longer interval between oil change services. Most models using synthetic oil can go 10,000 miles between services versus 5,000 miles between conventional oil changes.

In fact, Genuine Toyota 0W-20 synthetic oil not only saves time with extended oil change intervals, but it also produces a lower cost of ownership with fewer check-ups. It's a good idea to always remain aware of the oil level, even between services, and to top it off when needed. Driving habits and conditions also contribute to frequency of oil changes.

The Maintenance Required indicator on your instrument panel may continue to illuminate every 5,000 miles even when you are using the synthetic motor oil. While you may not require oil changes with the same frequency as with conventional oil, this light should serve as a reminder to keep up to date with other maintenance your vehicle may need. Ensure your Toyota runs like the day you bought it with regular inspections and tire rotations.

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