Often, batteries with extended warranties and high Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs) are wrongly promoted as the premier quality battery. In fact, high CCAs mean low internal battery resistance. Not having enough reserve capacity, or RC, negatively affects the ability of your battery to sufficiently hold a charge. TrueStart and True2 batteries are held to Toyota's high standards of quality. They've been engineered specifically for your Toyota with the right combination of CCAs and RCs to yield a long life and optimal performance in any climate.

Principle Toyota is committed to providing drivers with the best and proudly uses Genuine Toyota True-2 & TrueStart Batteries!


Toyota True-2 Batteries Features

  • Competitive 60-month warranty
  • 18-month free replacement
  • 42-month proration in two-tiered price plan
  • Non-warranty replacement alternative
  • Flexible warranty service at more than 1,200 locations nationwide
  • Built in accordance to the highest standards in the industry
  • Advanced design
  • High vibration resistance
  • Maintenance-free under normal operating conditions

Toyota True-Start Battery Features

  • Extensive 84-month warranty
  • Flexible warranty service at more than 1,200 locations nationwide
  • 24-month roadside assistance including towing and installation labor
  • Meets high-current starting demands with matrix radial grids
  • Precise combination of CCAs and RC allow for quicker recharge ability
  • Patented lead alloy reduces corrosion and ensures extended battery life
  • Greater flow of power thanks to improved heavy-duty lugs
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